Preferred option

Example of a rock toe structure

Example of additional beach material

Example of refurbished sheet piles

Example of a new flood wall

A simplified map of the scheme

A betterment of the existing sea defences has been chosen as the preferred approach

The betterment of the defences is the most economically favourable option, and is anticipated to achieve a 1 in 50 year event standard of protection with predicted sea level rise by 2069. It would safeguard the community and the recreational value of the promenade in the medium term. These works will consist of the following:

  • Extend the life of the existing sheet piles with refurbishment works.
  • Raise or replace the primary seawall (depending on structural condition and hydraulic performance) and flood wall. The crest of the defences is presently 5.8 m above sea level. Visual amenity constraints mean the primary defences can be raised 0.45 m to a crest level of 6.25 m above sea level (1.25m in height).
  • Add protection to the structure toe in the form of a rock-toe or shingle beach profile (where stability allows).
  • Improve demountable barriers and drainage improvements.

Beyond 2069, managing coastal flooding is increasingly challenging. The most economically favourable option is to transition to Option 4b – a form of managed realignment (to the northern extents only), with beach management activities to the south. Realighnment in the context of Barmouth’s North Promenade likely means the widening of the foreshore area rather than a coastal retreat.

How was this option selected?

A collaborative workshop, with Gwynedd Council , ABPmer and Arup was undertaken in April 2019 to select the preferred option. This was informed by the public stakeholder engagement event (Section 8).

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X have been appointed to design the scheme. Their inital drawings can be viewed by clicking the buttons below:

Northern Section of the scheme


Mid to Southern Section of the scheme


Detailed bird’s eye view


Additional benefits of the scheme


We are still working on these designs, and elements of the design are likely to change before final versions are agreed.

Barmouth flood alleviation scheme

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